rickjamesbitch asked: Whooaaa, been a longtime follower, but I'm not down with that rude-ass response you just gave to someone who REALLY politely brought up the fact that she didn't notice any WoC's. Including people other than white women is NOT having "tokens". That's about the silliest piece of shit thing I've ever heard. BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT "TOKENS". THEY ARE NORMAL WOMEN. And you say "on a goddamn tumblr" as though tumblr is any less legitimate of a media outlet/form of communication than anything else. Silly.

REALLY politely? saying my blog would be 100% better if i changed it to what she wanted is polite?? really?? it was a stupid question that i’ve gotten before and i’m not going to pretend it wasnt stupid. suggesting i include people on the sole basis of race for the purpose of being all inclusive is TOKENISM. that is literally what that means. of course black women are not tokens! which is why when she suggested i include people as such, MY RESPONSE WAS NOT POLITE BECAUSE I DONT AGREE WITH PEOPLE BEING USED IN THAT WAY. 

of course tumblr is a less legitimate media outlet/form of communication. its a blogging website filled with 14 yr. old idiots. youre on a blog that consists entirely of cats and boobs for fucks sake